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Modem replacement due to storm

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Hi, we just had severe thunderstorm here in Innerwest Sydney and i think my modem, TV and NBN is fried due to lightning strike. Actually saw the lightning struck the power line, saw some spark and everything went dark, from street lamp to power in the house. Turned the power back on after a while and the 3 devices are dead. tried plugging it in different power point, it won’t turn on although it works on other devices. Most likely the 3 items are fried.
How do i go about getting replacement modem and the NBN box?

thank you,

Hi @LuckyLuke


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We were able to locate your account using your community details and learned that you've been in touch with our Tech team.

A replacement modem/router has been ordered and an NBN technician was booked to check your NBN NTD box.


Further updates will be given by your assigned Engineer as soon as it becomes available.