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Moved plans but no internet

Level 2

We've just upgraded plans from NBN50 to NBN 100 and have had issues gaining an internet connection.

The modem is a HG659. We have tried to change some settings but there seems to be no help online about our issue.


We have already restarted the modem and the nbn box, and has seen no improvements.


Not sure what to do as the next available call is in 3 days!!



Hi @Romydog . What type of NBN connection do you have?

What is the state of the lights on HG659, and NBN box?

Login to router and note the settings: PPPoE, username and password. 

Is there a VLAN ID setting anywhere?

Do factory reset on router.

Enter the settings noted above.

Any change?

Level 2
Hey David,
The lights on the NBN box are all switched on and the WAN and power lights are on the HG659. WLAN and internet flash but quiet slowly.

We tested out to see if it was a modem issue by plugging the ethernet cable in one of our laptops and it had 0 internet connection with the ethernet cable plugged in.

I assume this means an NBN issue yet all the lights are switched on.

We ju r t recently changed the account that is named under our internet plan and could potentially be the issue which is what we'd need to call TPG customer service for.

@Romydog . TPG may have done something wrong with that change.

To connect your computer directly to NBN box, you have to setup a PPPoE dialler in Windows networking, as I understand. This does the same thing as the router.


Hi @Romydog,


May we know if you've received an email confirmation about the successful plan change? Send us a private message and we'll pull up your account to check if your service has been provisioned to the plan you selected.