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NBN - FTTB - connection with Netgear AC1200 - D6220 modem.

Level 1a

Please help! I have a AC1200 D6220 modem with NBN FTTB. Been working perfectly from February to now. I can't get the modem to connect to TPG. Setup wizard keeps asking for username and password to ISP and it won't accept. I am definitely using correct credientials. IP shows My netgear modem has more constant speeds than TP link modem TPG supplied. TPlink modem connects without any problem..... 

Can't get help from TPG, can't get help from Netgear as they want money for advice. No one is willing to help. Hopefully someone out there knows the answer as I have been trying to fix this for more than 24hrs. Thanks in advance. 

Level 8

Would you consider doing a factory reset on the Netgear? You need the admin userid and password and the wifi network name and password if you use a wifi device to configure it.

Do you have the Netgear manual? Internet has the D6220 manual.

Have the Netgear plugged into the wall socket or NBN connection box (if you have one); it can detect the type of network it's on, which may help.

Use the system log to record what happens when the router starts.