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NBN box red light flashing

Level 2
Since 21/3/20, i have had no internet or home phone.
NBN bozx has a light flashing red.
I have followed all troubleshoot instructions numerous time and nothing seems to work.
Call centre is no operative. Every day i try to chat to someone online and i have never been able to get a hold of somone as its always busy and says try again later.
This issue needs to be solved! It has been over a week and very frustrating as i cannot contact anyone from TPG!
Level 2

You can lodge an online fault report via the website.

If its a Black Box with "Arris" written on the front. Then a red LED usually indicates an NBN fault.

But you have to get lodge a fault with TPG in order for them to be able to contact the NBN.

You can not contact the NBN directly yourself.