Relocated new house

Level 2

I'm exiting tpg customer but I recently relocated new house. This premise has no NBN connection box. I need NTD box and tech support. Still I'm paying but I'm not getting internet. I tried to communicate with TPG chat but since 23rd March, no one response. I'm working from home and my kids are doing the school from home. I need internet urgently for this circumstance. Please help us.




Level 2

Did you order a service for your new address?

Did you get any confirmation as to what type of technology that your internet service was going to be provided with?


ADSL, FTTN connects via a phone socket. HFC NBN is via a coxial cable from a black box to a modem.

FTTC uses a grey NTU and modem, plugged into a phone socket.

You have to have a compatable modem for the technology used to provide your service.


Try lodgeing an online fault report via the TPG website.

Take care to add a current mobile phone number and try to insure its with you and turned on so that you are contactable