wifi is dead

Level 2



sooooooo my wifi is totally dead now.. (has been getting weaker and weaker for about a month now)


iv tried turning it on and off and messed around with all the little buttons on the back of the modem to no avail.


And cant ring you guys cos the plague. So im at home in isolation with no net...lame


CAN YOU GUYS PLEASE DO THE THING TO FIX IT? or send me a new modem??


Regards, and stay safe




username ; rwolfers

Level 2

If you have pushed a pin in the reset hole of the modem, then you have wiped the configuration. It wont work without configuration.


To reconfigure the modem you will need to know your account user name, and account user name password. Dont confuse this with your wifi password.

Once you know this search youtube to find a guide on how to configure your specific modem. i.e Netgear AB123.


If this dosn't work then you can lodge on online fault report through the TPG website