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NBN fixed wireless - WAN not working

Level 2
I have recently signed up to TPG NBN Fixed Wireless and recieved the modem today.

The modem isn't registering the WAN plugged into the UNI-D 1 port of the NBN box and the light doesnt show up either to indicate that its plugged in and recieving some kind of signal.

What I have done:
-I have tried power cycling the modem, and the NBN box.
-I plugged it directly from the NBN box UNI-D 1 to the pc.
-plugged an ethernet cable from the computer to WAN port and the light came up so I know the modem is working fine.
-I tried UNI-D 2 port which was with another company and the light came up on the modems WAN indicator.

None of this has worked as TPG is working on UNI-D 1, everything is ready but just this one pthing has got me boggled as to what could be the problem?

Hi @Paulhalbisch91,


Welcome to the community!

I would love to help and see what happened on your NBN service. I was able to pull up your account using your community details.


I've seen that you have contacted our Technical Team and this has been raised to our Engineering Team for further investigation.


One of our Engineers is trying to reach you for additional details, kindly PM me your best contact number and prefered time today and I will have our Engineering Team call you again.


In case you need a reference: How to send PM.




Hi @Paulhalbisch91


We've checked your escalated ticket with our Engineering Team and have seen that this has been raised to our Service Delivery Team due to NBN Serial Number Mismatch. As discussed with your case manager, kindly send a photo the Network Termination Device ( NTD ) and proof of address to 


Rest assured that our team of engineers and your case manager are closely monitoring this case and will provide you feedback. 


Thank you.