NetComm Router

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Hello, is a netcomm nf10wv vdsl/adsl n300wifi modem router compatible for the 50mbps tpg wifi plan?
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Hi @Ngarangi01 . The default LAN ip address of router is

In Basic Setup, select VDSL for FTTB/FTTN, or Ethernet WAN for FTTC/FTTP/HFC.

WAN mode is PPPoE.

Username + and password.

In the manual, VDSL has VLAN settings. It's not clear if the ethernet interface supports VLAN by default.

FTTP does not use VLAN ID.


In the user guide:  Advanced Setup Layer2 Interface

You might be able to add a WAN service with 802.1p priority = 0, and 802.1q VLAN ID=2.

If you have the device, get the user guide from the internet. It explains more.