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Netgear D6220 modem router internet settings for ADSL2+

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Hi, so my old modem router had become real slow, so I bought Netgear D6220 modem router for my ADSL2+ connection. I tried to setup my new modem, but it does not connect to the internet. I tried the settings of my connection according to the details provided in my account, still its not working. I also tried the settings those were being used in the old modem router to the new one, but alas, no success.

For internet setup that I tried was

Transdermode: ADSL(ATM)

DSL mode: ADSL2+   (and I also tried "Auto")

Multiplexing method: LLC based

VPI: 8

VCI: 35

Encapsulation: PPPoE ( I was using ethernet cable)

Connection mode: always on

idle timeout: 5

Internet IP address

 - Static IP address: 220 244 111 39


Primary DNS : 203 12 160 35

Secondary DNS: 203 12 160 36

NAT: enable

Router MAC address: Default (I tried this MAC address too)


Hi @shresthafamily,


Welcome to TPG Community!

We were able to locate your account using your community details and understand that the internet is already working on your new Netgear D6220 modem router.


There was a case that was escalated to our Engineering team in regards to the dropouts, but it seems stable now. The service is still being monitored and your assigned Engineer will be in touch once an update is available.


Kind regards,