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Netgear D7800 Cant find the internet

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Hi all. First time Ive used this site. I just purchased a new Netgear D7800 to give better coverage through our home. The existing TPG modem is ok but I need to get the internet in other rooms.

The Netgear D7800 is located by all our devices (Ipad, Iphone, Mac Book and Laptop Windows 10) however it cannot find the internet.

I have had 2 calls with the TPG team who whilst helpful note its a third party product so they cannot assist. I have spent hours on the phone to Netgear who could not fix the issue. I took the D7800 back to Harvey Norman and the staff member noted networking is his background, he was generous with his time, he updated all the detail in however it still cannot find the internet. Getting desperate. Any simple solutions for someone who is not tech savvy? Many thanks


Good day @longys1,


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We've managed to locate your account using your community details and reviewed the notes. We've seen that our Technical team has extended their help to try to set up your new modem/router, however, it wasn't connecting.


We have a customer who's on the NBN Fixed wireless as well and decided to change their modem to D-link and managed to make it to work. You may visit this link for more information.


We'd like to help you analyze if there's some option that is needed to be changed on your modem. Are you able to post a screenshot of your ADSL/VDSL settings (if I got it correctly) or the page where you can input your TPG username and password?


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