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New FTTC connection - BYO Router

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Hi Folks


I'm a new TPG NBN user on the 100 plan (and been thouroughly disappointed with the whole journey so far).

The TPG supplied Modem is causing drop out issues.  We have heaps of connected devices (3 teenage kids), so I'd like to get a better router.  I'm not a tech head, but I know a little.

I'm looking for any advice on:

 - which modem to get

 - do I need to bridge from the TPG modem, or can I plug directly in from the NBN box?

 - any diagrams are also helpful




@bentam007 I'm sorry to read that your experience with us is not that good. If I may ask, what modem did we supply you? If it's an issue with a faulty equipment then our team can easily replace it.


Though I cannot recommend an equipment that we did not supply, what you can do with your preferred router is that:


1. Set the TPG modem as authenticating device

2. Switch off the wifi of the TPG modem

3. Connect your preferred router on any 1 of the 4 ethernet ports on the TPG modem.

4. Set your preferred router on DHCP mode.


With the set up above you can connect all the devices on your network to your preferred router.


Also, can you PM us with your username & preferred contact details?


Kind regards,

Joseph D