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New nbn installation with continual dropouts

Level 1b

I have had nbn newly installed in the last week and within 2 days was having continual dropouts.

TPG sent out an NBN tech who thought at first it was a faulty modem. The modem is brand new from TPG. It was unsealed by the original tech who first set up the NBN connection.

The 2nd tech who came to see what was causing the dropouts disconnected our 2nd phone point and everything seemed ok after that.


Within 24 hrs dropouts were happening sporadically again but didn't last for long until this evening when we have had nonstop dropouts for almost 90mins straight.

i tried phoning TPG's tech supprt at 8.40 only to be told by a recorded message to phone back between work hours although according to this recorded message they didn't close till 9PM. 
Not impressed with the service that I'm paying for and I've been with TPG as a dedicated customer for almost a decade now.





Hi @akinch


Welcome to the Community! 


We understand how frustrating it can be to be with a working service but is experiencing interruption. We would like to get this resolved for you as soon as possible.


I did run initial test and it appears that your modem shows connected for a day now indicating a stable line. 


We need to perform troubleshooting along with you so we can check for any underlying issue. Kindly let us know of your most convenient time to receive a call so I can organise a call back to be made from our Technical Team. 






Hi @akinch


Your case was escalated to NBNCo for further investigation. Our Engineering Team is monitoring the progress of the case and will reach out to you once updates are available. You will be contacted either through SMS or phone call. If you have other concerns that we can look into, please don't hesitate to leave a comment.