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New nbn upgrade Archer VR1600V router worse than previous Huawei ADSL

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Just had NBN installed after 8 long horrible months at the house we moved into, suffering through horrible ADSL dropouts and speed fluctuations and resets and reboots....


Now, the exact same home network is barely alive. The "new" modem is weaker, even set at full strength, than the previous and the wifi extender, can barely "see" it, whereas it had no issue "seeing" the Huawei previously.


It's not a big home and it's ridiculous the "latest" tech can't even provide a basic service.


Is there other hardware you could provide especially to those who opted for higher speed plans at higher prices?

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in addition, I note your tech advice on wifi issues says to situate the modem router centrally! This is never an option as you/NBN etc will only install to first point into house, and NOT to where it "should" be installed.

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Hi @wordupgz I've done a fair bit of comparative testing of both HG659 and VR1600v in real world use and I've found the RF WiFi performance virtually identical on both 2.4 and 5ghz bands on both modems, 

Can you describe the type of property you're in, as in timber framed internal drywall, metal framed internal drywall or double brick, house or multi story apartment or unit etc.

 With regards to the "power" level of a WiFi device, they're all limited to a maximum specified level to comply with safety and interference regulations. What model of WiFi extender are you using?

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thanks for your reply.....but I've given up on the illusion of telco's 'latest wifi modem routers' that can't even handle small houses because "of the wall type or even mirrored wardrobes"

NOTHING beats a hard wired connection.

Have put in a Cat6 cable.