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No Internet during planned power outages

Level 3

When there is a power disruption in our area, the internet stops working despite our home having power.

It would seem that the HFC feeding our area is mains power only with no battery backup.

The HFC Hubs do not generate "Power Fail" alarms as NBN took over 45 minutes to realise an outage had occurred in our area.


- Does NBN get notified of "Planned" power outages that would impact their sites

- If they are notified why does this information not appear on their "Outage Tracker" as a planned outage

- If they are not notified, perhaps they should follow up with the relevant power distributor or are the notices still going to Telstra?

- Previous NBN outages suggest that the HFC hub may be powered from a different supply than the residential area it serves. Perhaps a records update is needed?

- Does NBN have a policy to power their sites during planned power outages or are those people without mobile phones left to hope they do not require urgent assistance?