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No internet (no outage) no internet light on

Level 2
Wifi was changed to the factory name and password without knowledge as devices were knocked out. Tried quite a number of time to switch off and on the modem but no luck. Tried to connect with a spare modem to see if TPG modem has issue - mYPG odem seems ok. Anyone can please suggest any self help ways before TPG calls. Now waiting for TPG to call as I logged this last night and messaged again this morning.

Hi @SiuC, it's possible that your modem has been reset to factory default settings. If you have the DSL/WAN light on, but the Internet light is off, you will have to manually configure your modem.


Check out this modem setup guide, for the configuration. If you need further help, you can send us a private message with your customer ID or username.