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Non-TPG modem guide link

Level 2

I have just tried the following link on the TPG site, however it does not seem to work for me.


Can someone please try this link, to see if it works for them or not. If this link is indeed broken, I will need to report it TPG directly.

Level 7

Not working for me (as quoted.)

Level 15

Hi @bcw61 . Try this:

The list is a little dated. It is for Data Only plans (no VOIP). 


Level 2

I am sure that list might be helpful for some folk, however my modem is not listed (you are correct that it is somewhat outdated). This is why I clicked on the link in my original post, only to discover that the link is completely broken and therefore useless. As to why this broken link is still shown on the TPG site, is a bit of a mystery.