Level 3

I have just changed my password for my TPG account; My access to my email through the menu in accounts is gone, hence the question regarding separate passwords for my account and my email.  I have to go back to google to access TPG then logon to email.

Secondly, I have asked this before but then pressed 'solved' so it may be lost.  The modem password to logon to TPG for internet access I cannot remember and is encrypted in my modem and is both inaccessible and unchangeable even though I can access the modem settings.  Is it the same for emailsa/accounts or separate?


Hi @phr49 


The WiFi password is not the same with your TPG Email/account password.


There should be an option to view your WiFi password once you've accessed the modem/router settings. Also, you should be able to change your password on the page.


We are puzzled about what is happening with your modem/router. Are you able to share a screenshot of your WiFi settings for us to visualize it and provide proper resolution?