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Port Forwarding on the HG 659

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I have tried and tried to set up port forwarding using the procedure:

(I was advised by TPG that port 80 is used by the modem GUI)

So I have now reconfigured my cameras to use ports 8006 and 8008.

I have configured the HG659 to forward these two ports by adding port mapping applications for each.

I have added a camera to each using add device and the camera’s MAC address.

I have now been through the forwarding procedure many many many times (tried DMZ for one of the ports too!)

I have tried port checkers using my current IP and they always come back closed.

I am reading in whirlpool about problems with port forwarding on the HG659???


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My HG659 forwards from the outside world to machines inside my network quite happily, so there are no problems with forwarding, in general.


The bunnies who do support aren't always too bright, and if they pick the wrong script then you are stuffed, there is no problem with forwarding port 80 from the outside world, it just works.


I presume what you want to do is access the IP cameras on your home network from the internet, and you either have a static IP (ADSL) or are using a dynamic IP service to map your domain name.  Or just look it up before you go out and hope it doesn't change!


If I am wrong, ignore what follows!


Try this.

Reset a camera to default, i.e. set it to communicate on port 80.

Set "Internet->Fowarding->Port Mapping->Mapping Name" to "Camera1"

Set "Internet->Fowarding->Port Mapping->Application" to "WebServer(HTTP)"

Set "Internet->Fowarding->Port Mapping->Internal Host" to <Whatever MAC address mechanism is in use for the camera>


Then you should be able to access that camera from the internet using http://your-tpg-address directly, but remember, this will *only* work from outside, it will not work from inside your LAN/WLAN.



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I have followed the procedure using port 80 and MAC at least a dozen times!!! The best I can do is wind up back at the Huawei access screen. Tried both known IP and DDNS service. If TPG claim to use port 80 for the modem GUI, it explained my difficulties then, but now using ports 8008 and 8006 gives ports not open. I can only blame the modem or something with the NBN? I'm hanging out to try a different modem??

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All I can suggest is that you must have a dodgy modem, mine forwards connection to the my web server (both HTTP and HTTPS), mail server, and SSH server just as it should.


Hi @tguypicknowl,


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The port 80 is automatically opened on your modem. Have you contacted the manufacturer of your Cameras on what port are we going to use? You can also try to reset your modem back to its default settings and reconfigure it again.


Keep us posted on what will happen.


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If you are trying access from outside your local network, did you make sure that during your port forwarding configuration you specified WAN rather than LAN?