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Port Forwarding on the TP Link VR1600V


Hi @canleyvale, if you have set up the port forwarding on the TPG modem's settings and it is still not working, we recommend that you contact your security camera administrator for assistance.


With regard to why you have HFC connection type, please be advised that it's NBN Co. who decides what type of NBN service will be available on a specific area.


If you are thinking about changing the type of NBN service you have at the moment, you can check out this link and contact NBN Co. directly for further queries.


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After you change your plan from ADSL2 to NBN, you have to redo your NAT forwarding again with TP-Link vR1600v.


It caught me at first as my VNC Server was working all the time even before the day I changed from TPG ADSL2 to TPG NBN HFC.

After the NBN technician completed the installation, VNC did not work at first.


So I have to go to Advanced\NAT Forwarding\Virtual servers.

Disable the original port forwarding rules.

Click Add

Select the interface that suits your NBN installation:

For HFC, it is EWAN_pppoe

Set your port forwarding rules again.

Restart Modem.

It should work now.