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Printer to Modem connection via WPS

Level 2

I am trying to connect my Hp printer to my new TPG modem.

have followed all directions regarding the WPS but when the light on the modem finally came on after 12 attempts, it didn't stay on. Does it have to be on all the time

Level 15

Hi @Shazcat . Instructions from Archer VR1600 manual.

1 ) Tap the WPS icon on the device’s screen.
2 ) Immediately press the WPS button on your modem router.
3 ) The WPS LED flashes for about two minutes during the WPS process.
4 ) When the WPS LED is on, the client device has successfully connected to the modem router. The light goes off after 5 minutes.

Login to router and check that printer is connected. You should assign it a fixed ip address. You should be able to ping it from your computer.