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Purchase new modem

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Level 1c

Hi, I'm wondering if I can purchase a new modem from TPG, I'm on a FTTB plan my current modem is a Huawei HG659, but always I have had trouble with the wi-fi signal, reading on the whirlpool posts someone mentioned the Archer VR1600v, but he wasn't sure about the price, hope someone will be able to help, thank you.


Level 8

Hi @s137238oscar I've been doing some real world testing of both the HG 659 and the VR1600v, the WiFi performance is virtually identical on these modems with the HG 659 actually having a slight edge on the 5ghz band.

I'd be looking at the usual suspect WiFi problem causes such as interference and channel selection before changing devices as I don't believe the different modem will make a discernible difference. 

Here's a useful guide,