Re firrmware update

Level 1b

I have the V1600v modem ,can you check my firmware to see if it needs updating.My current version is 010091 vers.5006.0 build 180828 rel 56416n.Also i cannot access my modem settings in the browser with

 my id number is 365XXXX                                        Regards J Newman                                                                                    


Hi @jamesr


Welcome to the Community! 


I've managed to locate your account using your Community details. Based on the information you've provided above, your equipment already has the latest firmware. 


If you wont mind us asking, what's your purpose in trying to log in to the modem's interface so we can assist you? The default log in details are normally on the sticker at the back of the modem. 


Should you require any assistance, please don't hesitate to let us know. 



Note: We have edited your post since it contains your account information