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Really angry with TPG right now.

Level 2
For the last two weeks I cannot do ANYTHING with this internet. I can't play my online games, I can barely open my GMAIL even. The internet refuses to load. I can't watch youtube. Now and then it works randomly again for 5 minutes. This is absolutely pathetic and I'm on the verge of canning TPG. I have reset the router, and done the usual checklist. NOTHING works. Please sort this out, we should not have to pay this month's internet bill because of this.

Hi @Kamaitachi


Welcome to the Community!


My apologies for the trouble with your internet connection. Allow us to help you with this concern.


To better understand what's going on, we need to check your account to be able to perform tests. Can you send us a PM with your customer id or username and the service address? We already tried your community details, but we're unable to pull up a record.


For your reference: How do I private message (PM) in the community