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Replace dead modem for another TPG account

Level 2
Need to order a replacement modem for another TPG account (not mine), that I provide IT support for.

I've been added as an authority on their account, but can only log in here on my own account.


Last week there were thunderstorms and their modem seems to have taken a hit - it's dead, nothing lights up. Tried swapping the power supply but still no go.


I've set up a temporary modem to keep them going, but it doesnt support the phone service.

I advised them that the best option is to order a replacement modem from TPG.


The existing (now dead) TPG modem is a TP-Link Archer VR1600v Ver 2.0.

Can anyone advise what suitable modems TPG has available, and how to place an order?




Hi @uptimeoz 


We've responded to your PM and will be waiting for your preferred time to receive a call for us to arrange it.