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Replacement modem router for TPG FTTN NBN

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We have been with TPG for more than 10 years. We changed from ADSL to NBN FTTN service when it became available in our area. We have used the TPG supplied Huawei HG659 modem router since transferring to the NBN FTTN service. We are now experiencing regular internet outages and loss of wifi connections. It is becoming very frustrating. After spending more than four hours on the phone, we had thought that we had agreed to purchase an updated modem router from TPG for $99 plus postage (apparently a TP Link VX420-G2V). My wife recieved an email stating that as long time customers TPG would provide the modem free. My wife responded to that email to check if it was a scam or not and to find out how to proceed. Since then we have heard nothing. More frustration. All we want is a reliable updated modem router that will provide us reliable connectivity to the internet, how can we get this resolved without having to be 1. Technical geniuses, 2. Spend hours on the phone being passed from one non helpful person to another and 3. In a realitively timely way. thank you


Hi @Stonie64, let's help you with the modem replacement. Send us a private message with your account details and we can take it from there.