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Replacement of faulty modem

Level 1c

After 10 days with no phone service I have finally received a replacement TP Link modem. Although the Phone 1 and Phone 2 leds do not illuminate, the phone  works. At last! So all my time and inconvenience has been caused by faulty product supplied by TPG. BUT to add insult to injury, now TPG have the audacity to put a note in with the new modem demanding the old faulty modem be sent back to Sydney within 14 days advising to use registered post (obviously at my expence) or they will charge $99.95. I AM GOB SMACKED!!


Hi @tguypicknowl,


Thanks for raising this with us. We understand that the case is being monitored by our Engineering. I'll chase this up with them and have someone to call you within the day to discuss this further.


Kind regards,

Level 3


 As a TPG customer I would like to know how you go with this! Please post when resolved.