Router upgrade

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I want to upgrade my router from the original Archer VR1600v to a new one. I am not interested in mucking about with the Archer trying to get the enhanced coverage etc that I want.


Do I need a modem/router OR can I connect a plain router directly to my Arris modem box via ethernet cable?
Are there any brand+models (router or modem/router, whichever is appropriate) that are definitely TPG-HCF compatible?



Hello Niven,

Thank you for your message today, you can use either a Modem/Router or just a Router for HFC just so long as it has a WAN port.

We don't promote any specific brand or model, it will need to be NBN Compatible.

Be aware that you will lose the VOIP telephone facility from your service by using a 3rd party router.

Take into consideration your needs for the new modem such as number of users connected, streaming (Netflix, Disney+) Gaming (PlayStation, Switch), size of house.

Good luck with your search.




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Thanks Peter, but:

I tried using a TPLink AC2100 modem-router, then an ASUS RT-AX56U router but both failed, apparently because they did not have VLAN tagging capability.

I called Tech support but they could not or would not provide me with any alternative names/models of workable [modem] routers, but it seems that if the VLAN ID is the issue then any with that option should work.
What confuses me is why TPG provides a modem-router if a router will work alone. Is the modem unnecessary?

So, what I'm narrowed down to is getting names of example routers that have been known to work.

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Hi niven.

Some routers provide ADSL connection as well as NBN. With ADSL, the router drives the telephone line directly (or via filter/splitter) and can be considered a modem/router. With NBN, the router provides VDSL datastream to the "NBN box" (modem) which drives the physical connection medium (coax or fibre or copper pair). (From the manufacturer's point of view, it's easier to provide dual functions rather than double their product range.)

There are many users wanting to replace the supplied router with a more capable model, usually for better wifi coverage. Search in Community for     asus    or     netgear    for an idea of some models that users are getting. You can check with your favourite technology shop to see what's available. You may still need to check individual models for VLAN tagging function (not IPTV function).