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Sagemcom 5866T modem and xbox one wifi help

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My share house has recently got NBN and wifi has been changed. My xbox one is now very slow and the speed tests do not show upload speed. Latency is high. The upnp says its not connected. NOT is open. However, all other devices work great.

I have accessed sagecom modem and the upnp is on. I tried following tutorials. I have tried resetting the router, modem and xbox, port forwarding, manually putting in static ip on xbox, clearing Mac address on xbox. Nothing works. The firewall is set to low so WAN to lan and vice versa are not compromised. I think it's a firewall issue. Please help.

Hi, genetenz.

Try to change the DNS server on your XBOX  (Google's then reboot the XBOX and let us know how it will go.

Check this existing thread for reference -