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Sagemcom 5866t Firmware Update and Ping test

Level 2

Thanks. Do these modems automatically update or do we need to do it manually? Fro the reeply there is no way to determine if mine is older firmware.


Pings on facebook, google, youtube etc are all around  20-30ms


I understand that ethernet has lower ping latency. My question is, is the ping speed on wifi due to slow Sagemcom modem? Or is it expected to be 10-20ms+ latency over wifi compared to ethernet?

Level 14

@AlJose . Regarding firmware version, create a new thread and provide your firmware version. Firmware updates are done by TPG remotely. A moderator might not look at this thread now.


Also, ask about latency. Provide speed test results for your computer on ethernet, computer on wifi, and phone/tablet on wifi. If the 2 computer ping times are same but phone/tablet is slower, it must be just the wifi device is slower.


For comparison, I am on NBN25. I get the proper speed and my ping time on TPG speed test is 5 ms.

Ping to google and youtube is also 5 ms.