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Samsung Smart TV will not connect to TPG HFC NBN

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Just got connected and everything is great with all devices connected apart from my Samsung Smart TV not connecting to the internet anymore. It was fine before on ADSL2. The TV says it is part of the LAN but cannot connect to the internet. 


So far I have tried 


1 Replacing the cable that connect it to the Archer bcx. No change

2 Using the WiFi on the Archer. No change

3 Logging into the archer I can see the TV on the LAN. The default gateway and DNS is and the Samsung is automatically acquiring its details from the DNCP on the ArcherVR1600v



Interesting enough when I  use my wifi hotspot on my Telstra mobile the TV connects no problem.


Help pls







Hi @dyuile,

Welcome to the community!

We have answered the same issue in regadrs with Samsung Smart TV. You may visit the following article below.

New Samsung smart tv disconnects continuously from WIFI (NBN)

Smart TV not connecting to wifi


Let us know how it will go.