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Setting up Google nest pro

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Hi all,

I purchased a Google Nest Pro with 3 points and have been unable to set it up.

I called TPG support and they couldn’t help so hope someone here can.

I am connecting my Google Pro via Ethernet to the NBN Arris box. When I set up it gives me error message
“Configuring PPOE failed.VLAN tagging is not supported”

Any advice what to do? TPG just told
Me to contact Google but hope someone else has advice


Hi @Ashderek . You can check if there is later firmware for the Nest that does support VLAN tagging.

Since you won't be using the TPG VOIP phone function of your connection, you can convert it to a Data Only plan which doesn't use VLAN tagging.

You could connect the Nest as an access point to your existing router. You keep the Nest wifi capability but lose the router functions. Does Nest have that function or has Google removed it?

Or something more technical; a smart switch which interfaces between the non-VLAN Nest and the VLAN Arris box.


Hi @Ashderek 


If you are in a bundled NBN service, then you need to check if your device supports VLAN tagging.


If it is, then configure it to VLAN ID 2 and PPPoE.


If not, then you can use your device as an access point instead.