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Setting up a Bridge on Archer vr1600 version 2 with Google Wifi new customer

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Hi, I am a new TPG customer, moving away from Telstra NBN. I have an TPG NBN install date tomorrow so want to get started and up and running. I purchased their Archer vr1600 version 2 modem/router.


TPG sold their internet to me advising I could link my Google Wifi (not Google Nest). Google Wifi currently works fine with Telstra, by turning on bridge mode within the modem/router.


I have spend some time on hold to phone support asking for a manual or instruction how to do this and Support have sent me to the Community pages. 


I have seen a number of message boards dated over the last 1-4 years advising this is possible & is not possible, and am confused. I have received a version 2 modem (Jan21) so don't know if most of these posts are out of date for an older version 1 modem? Are there any more recent instructions or a definiative Y/N this can be done?


Appreciate any solution that will work before the install takes place.


Hi @guzzler


The service that will not work if you bridge the modem/router that we provided is the VoIP that is bundled to your NBN plan.

It should work given that you follow the steps in the community link that you received.