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Slow and inconsistent speeds on xbox one download

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I went to upload a game on xbox one this morning after I connected to the nbn100 service which is supposed to be running at 71.4mbps. When I game was downloading it was only running at 500kbps which is dam slow to maybe 2.5mbps. It did go up to consistently 70-75mbps which was going really well. Downloaded 4 gig in 5 mins but then drops to nothing again for ages. I want this issue fixed and want it consistently running around what it says. Thank you


Hi @Rickymccoll,


We've already been speaking with you on your previous post.


Let's keep the conversation under the same thread for us to assist you accordingly.


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Hey mate, did you end up getting this sorted? I'm having the exact same issue. Evrything else is fine at an average of 40mbps but downloding games from xbox live won't download at anything higher than 2mbps.

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The speed test ran via XBOX or any Gaming Console is different to the actual speed test performed via;

Speed test result of Game Console is the measurement of your connection (at home) going to Game Console's Server. It is not the actual speed of your service.

While the speed test result from speed test websites is the connection of your home network coming from TPG's network.


IMO, you may need to perform isolation test but as you mentioned that everything is fine but only the XBOX having issue, you may need to raise this with your Gaming Console Support.

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I’ve got the exact same problem. Everything else runs at full speed, except Xbox downloads.

If I connect my Xbox to my mobile hotspot, it downloads at full 4G speed. Faster than my 100/40 TPG NBN connection. So doesn’t seem like a console issue.

Are Xbox downloads being shaped? Multiplayer / response times, Netflix streaming, etc all work fine on the Xbox.
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Yeah same re mobile. With Telstra and hotspot to Xbox gets 40mbps download speed. Switch over to TPG NBN and goes down to 2mbps.
Interestingly I went out for a couple hours, cane back and it was going at 40-70mbps. I was like sweet! Then as soon as I sat on the couch it’s gone back to 500kbps....
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That’s not the same problem...
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I have the same problem, spent over half an hour on the phone with TPG support on 12/3/20 with no success, tried a friends Xbox at my place and it relocated the issue. All other devices are fine. Given there are now several reports of exactly the same issue by TPG users in this forum when will TPG investigate and resolve this as it is clearly something that they have done which has made Xbox unusable. And Xbox is hardly a rare device for customers to be using on their service.