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Synology NAS External Access

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I am trying to setup my Synology DS420J NAS to allow remote access. I have a TPG supplied Archer C1200 modem/router.

Running the setup router routine from Synology Control Panel, I get an error "Two or more routers were found on your network" I don't have any other routers other than the Archer C1200.


Any ideas how I can resolve this problem?


Thanks in advance for any information

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Hi @davidelliott51 . You have an Archer C1200 so you must be FTTP.

Can you describe your NAS setup a bit more.


Had a quick look at the manual. This is one possibility.

Does the NAS have a fixed ip address on the home network? E.g.

To access home network from the internet, you need a dynamic DNS (DDNS) name. No-ip or DynDNS.

Activate the OpenVPN server on the NAS and allocate a port for its operation.

Add a port forwarding rule in the Archer to direct the OpenVPN port to the NAS ip address.

The remote device needs the OpenVPN client and the NAS certificate to access the NAS. 


Thinking further, the VPN is not needed since the remote device may need normal internet access as well as access to the NAS. The NAS supports several file access methods which each require their own port numbers. The Archer needs forwarding rules for each of those port numbers.

The remote device has to map the NAS drives as network drives.

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Hi David,


thanks for your help.


Yes I have FTTP.

I have assigned a static address for the Synology NAS of The NAS is directly attached to the Archer via ethernet

I normally use an Orbi system for my WiFi, however I have turned it off and have gone back to to the Archer Wifi but this did not change the behaviour. I have a Denon and Yamaha AVr and a Control4 home automation system attached to the LAN. I have switched off (at the power point) all of these in case there was something causing a problem there, but has not changed the problem.


The process I am following is from this Youtube video

At 5:25 it shows the process to setup the router. It is at this point that I get the error message. I have included a jpeg of the screen at the failure point.





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@davidelliott51 . Is the NAS a new device you are trying to get working or has it been used already on your home network?

Have you disabled the NAS wifi interface?

Connect the NAS to the Orbi in standalone mode, no internet. Orbi has to be in normal DHCP mode. Try the router test that is failing.


If it is already used locally, what protocols are used? SMB? FTP? It would already have gone through the router test.