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TP-Link (Archer VR1600v) WiFi instability

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Last week received a new TP-Link (Archer VR1600v) to replace a faulty Huawei. However, the Wifi seems pretty unstable.



A few times this weekend several users in the house (including me) have noticed that their phones had simultaneously reverted to cellular connection. On my phone, I could only reconnect to the WiFi manually as my phone showed the 5G band as 'disabled'. I never once had that on the Huawei.


Any suggestions about what might be happening and what we can do?



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Hi @EverythingBlue Is the problem occurring on just the 5ghz band? Have you tried deleting the connections on the mobile devices and trying new connections? I'm assuming you've tried a reboot on the VR1600v?


The VR1600v normaly has rock solid WiFI performance on both 2.4 and 5ghz bands on par with the HG659.

 What model devices are you having issues with IE: iPhone 6 on iOS 11.4, Samsung Galaxy S6 on Android 7.0 etc.


Hi @EverythingBlue


We have Community articles that might help you with your situation:


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My experience is that if the 5GHz WiFi channel is set to "Auto" then the default channel used is 149. Manually set the channel to one of 36,40,44,48. Channels 149,153,157,161 do not work reliably.