TP Link modems

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The only solution to problems with TP Link modem appears to date back to 2021.  Surely the modems being supplied by IInet dont carry the same problem? 

I have recently been sent a modem by IInet because my VOIP service had stopped.  I could not connect to the internet despite following instructions from IInet Support. 

Next suggestion was to have NBN install a new wireless "box".  Still no internet connection.

I informed Support, but also told them I had restored my internet by using my old Netcomm modem - that was apparently enough for Support to close my case.

I am still using the old modem - but have no VOIP service.

Arent modems supposed to automatically connect to the Internet in conjunction with an NBN box?   Is some form of software fix required?

(Incidentally, I am not a technical person but have used computers for over 30 yrs.  I also live in the country without access to a computer repair service so rely on Google and other support systems for help - to no avail with this problem  i.e. an IInet modem.


Hi @Raymondlennon


The TPG modems we supply are plug and play. In the instance that it did not connect to the internet service, that's the only time that you will need to configure it. 


Send in your TPG account details via PM if you require assistance with your service.