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TPG Home Phone (Voice) Features

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Greetings all!

Ancient user (really!) needs a diversion or recorder facility as I'm now too slow to get to the phone on time.
I used to have a service function with another company which after a (modifiable?) fixed time went to an Answer/Machine function. Was great!

Now I'm just switching/switched to NBN on aTP-LINK TD VG 3631 EXPECTING A NEW MODEM whenever... but due to an accident I can't rush to the phone now.

Need to go to an answering machine, but can't access the TP-LInk and wondering if under the new NBN such a function will exist?


Hi @plexorite,


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Check out these community articles, which should address your query:


TPG Home Phone (Voice) Features

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Let us know if we can be of further assistance. Thank you.

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Hi Reizel,

Fast service AND a promotion, too!

Does a 1A get free beer? Cat Tongue