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TPG Technician Broke Modem. Who is liable for replacement.

Level 2
Level 2
I've been having issues with my VDSL connection dropping off. A TPG Technician visited my house. While investigating he unplugged the modem and mistakingly inserted the 24v power output of my diffuser (which was also unplugged and has a similar input port), into the modem. It started to smell like something was burning, and the modem is completely wrecked if it already wasn't. He then said modem is faulty and I can get warranty claim. TPG called me up and says it is out of warranty and wants me to pay $50 to get a new one.
Who is liable for the cost in this case ?

Hi @Jib,  


We're sorry to learn about what happened in this instance. 


I have chased the assigned Engineer pertaining to the matter at hand and should be in touch for further assistance.