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TPG supplied - TP-Link Archer VR1600v, does it have Giga Bit Lan ports?

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The specifications on TP-Link's website say it does, I did notice however that the rear photo of the VR1600v on the website shows only 4 of the 8 pins are populated on the LAN connectors, that would indicate that Gigabit is not possible as it requires all 4 pairs on the Cat 5e/6 cable to work, either it's not actually a photo of the model in question (most likely) or the Specs are wrong.



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All LAN ports of the TP Link VR1600v support Gigabit connection.

Refer to the TP Link website for more information.





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I just had a look at the LAN ports on my VR1600v. They are fully populated with eight pins. So all OK.