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TPLINK Archer VR1600v - Wireless and Ethernet dropping randomly

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I have a TPG supplied 


TPLINK Archer VR1600v


I noticed i get dropout from wireless and ethernet , today i couldnt access the router from my desktop computer through ethernet cable. ( i used the wireless to access the router and it works. upon checking i can see there is non ethernet device connected, but on the router lights indicators it is lighted up for Lan 1 , Lan 2 and Lan 3. I turn off power to all devices for 10mins and turn it on again still no go, then i proceed to unplug all ethernet cables and reconnect, after awhile it got connected again. Also the wireless disconnect once a while randomly, even if i am in the same room as the router.


Do you think you can supply me with a new replacement modem, urgently? because i cant be without connection as we work from home.


Thank You



Hi @flossed


There are many factors that can affect your connection. If you're experiencing drop outs on both Wi-Fi and LAN, then it's best to check first if there's any line fault that is service affecting. 


Let us have your TPG account details via private message so we can check the status of your line.