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TPlink 1600v not connecting to Netgear d6300

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I recently got a new TPlink Archer1600v modem which replaced the old Huawei. I have got a netgear d6300 router as an extender. The problem is that I'm not able to get any internet to my netgear router. The netgear is connected via the Ethernet cable. However, when i try to connect my laptop using the same cable i can access internet to my my laptop, but when i connect the same cable to my netgear i cannot see any internet connection. 


Hi @Shadow10


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Do you remember the settings that you've changed when you use your Netgear device with the Huawei?

If yes, you may need to change something as it is a different modem/router that you are using. 

Check if the IP address is in line, or if your Netgear device is set to Dynamic or DHCP enable, etc.


You may contact Netgear support to further guide you with the setup or check the manual of your device.


You may use this previous thread for some helpful information.