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Archer vr1600v as access point

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I tried automatic via the NIC and it wont get an IP address which the problem. (with wifi it is dynamic and it gets the IP address as per previous screen grab


Here are some more Screen grabs.


Have you proved that this configuration can work??


As you've confirmed earlier that the LAN connection from your Laptop to the TP-Link is working, so that means that this setup really works.


Now, we just need to check what is happening with the WiFi connection. You've said that you are getting a valid IP address on your WiFi adapter using the Dynamic or automatic setup, but can't ping the main router, which is quite questionable.


Are you able to try another device to connect to the 5GHz network of the TP-Link and check if the internet will work?



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Just to let you know I finaly got it to work but I noticed that even thou on the status it says there is no internet there is!


There seems to be a prob whereby after you configure evrything and you do the final reboot to start using it with DHCP switch off it hangs the Lan port you are using. By moving the Ethernet cable that connects to the Netgear to a different port on the vr1600 it comes good. Strange I know!!


I also have noticed that its not very stable, I chaged the SSID and set the Admin Username and password and it stopped working again. I have to go back to factory default and start from sratch. Smiley Sad


Very poor quality...


Hi @edesousa, we have checked the status of your connection and it looks stable at the moment.


We'll see how it goes and if the issue persists, please let us know. Thank you.

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My connection is with the Netgear 7000 not the second router VR1600 which is switched off at the moment.


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