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Third party router connection

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Hello TPG community,

my Huawei HG659 modem router died the other day, I have been able to get my hands onto a D-Link DVA-2800 modem to replace the HG659.

I have followed a few posts on the tpg community on how to configure the new modem however I have been unsuccessful on getting internet connection.

I have connected the modem the same way as the old Huawei modem (dsl port connection into the wall socket & the obvious power cord connection).

I have tried to configure the new D-Link modem through the configure wizard on start up.

PPPoE with WAN access type: set to VDSL - ISP: not listed & VLAN: 2

from there I have put in my TPG account details.

Is there someone who may be able to help me with this?


Hi @B5344233


These Community articles might help in setting up your equipment: 



Let us know if we can assist further.