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Traffic monitor spurious data Archer VR1600v v2

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Dear all 


I have been on TPG NBN HFC for about 2 months and observered stange traffic on disconnected  LAN ports. I was monotoring traffic as I had seen reports of bad performance of NBN and HFC but I must admit having a stable and good speed with Speedtest.


TP-LINK AU brushed it off since the frimware is a TPG version. TPG support told me to reset the router but I refused as there is no backup/restore option and I have 8 devices with fixed IPs and other tweaks so I rebooted the device at 9:00 11/10/2019 with wifi disabled and only one LAN port connected to another access point - to cut down on number of variables.


Attached are 2 screenshots about 5 dours apart 4 days after the reboot.


The access point is on LAN 4 and compare it to the ewan_pppoe data.


Has anyone seen similar behaviour?







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Traffic monitor stopped logging traffic last night so I have reset the counters again.  In the system log there were ppp3 errors (see attached) that I had not seen before. Previous logs just had VOIP, DHCP and DSL retraining entries.


Seems someting went down around 4 am. 




Hi @ocd-adel,


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Were you able to monitor without the access point connected? If so, what's the result?

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The disconnection lasted 3 minutes from 04:40 to 04:43 and it seemed to stop the traffic monitor logging any traffic - it flat lined at zero rx and zero tx. Using the web interface I reset the traffic data and the logging traffic resumed.


I assume something happened on the HFC connection - the first I have encountered.




Good to hear that there were some improvements already on the status of the connection, @ocd-adel


Should the issue persists, feel free to reach out to us again.