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Unifi USG into NBN NCD

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Hi All,


Can anyone advise me which setting to use to connect my Unifi USG directly to the NBN NCD?


Do I use PPPoE or DHCP?


If PPPoE what user name and password do I use?


Do I need to turn off the NCD off for a while to renew lease?



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FTTC requires VLAN Tagging

VLAN ID should 2

use PPPoE

use your tpg UN and PW


Check your equipment should if it has VLAN


If your Unifi USG doesn't have VLAN then just use it as a router with the TPG supplied equipment and just use DHCP


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Level 2

Thanks for the advice @2fly


That was the thing I had overlooked.


Unifi has a VLAN and is now up and running.