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Unsuccessful modem delivery

Level 2
My modem was delivered when I wasn’t home and I didn’t see the email saying to retrieve it from wherever post office in 7 days because I was recovering from surgery and couldn’t drive to get there anyway.
Would someone please send the modem to me again ASAP?
I hope this is seen fast because your call support lines are useless.
Kind regards,

Hi @sophiemac1998 

Welcome to TPG Community!


We were able to locate your account using your community details and tracked the parcel.


We were unable to see any update from Startrack in regards to the whereabouts of the parcel as there's no information posted in their website.


We've contacted them directly and we were advised that the delivery person was not able to scan the parcel, which is why they've lodged a case to search for it. A case manager from Startrack will be in touch with you for further updates of the case.


Please let us know once you received an update.