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VLAN tagging and google nest

Level 1b

I'm on NBN FTTB with a vr1600v modem.  I do not use my bundled phone and have no intention of ever using it.  Can I replace 'turn off' the VLAN tagging so I can use google nest? Or can I replace the modem so that I don't use it? Alternatively can someone suggest what managed switch or what router to purchase to make a google nest work?  Preferably a list of choices.




Hi @vamoyle209 


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Since you are not going to use the phone service that is bundled with your NBN plan, then you have the option to use a third party VDSL modem/router.

Keep in mind that you need to set the VLAN ID to 2 and use the correct PPPoE credentials (TPG Username and Password) for you to get it connected.


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