VX220-G2V drop outs

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On our second VX220-G2V, but same problem. Router will drop the internet connection on a particular device, and then a router reboot is required to get a reconnection - other devices on the wifi network having no issues at the same time. Client device can be anything including Mac, PC, Phone, TV. Factory reset made no improvement. There are many (20) clients attached to Wifi.

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Hi @FranktonJohn . When a device loses its internet connection, is it still connected to the router wifi?

Can you ping it from the Mac or PC?

Are the devices split over both bands?

Is it just one wifi band that has problem or can devices be on either band?

After reboot, how long before the problem recurs?

When a device has problem, can you save the router System Log to your computer, copy and paste as text into your reply.


Does VX220 have a Band Steering option?

Are the wifi bands named differently?


Hi @FranktonJohn ,


We'll await your responses to @david64's queries as it will also help determine the cause of the drops. 


Please also send us a private message as we'd also like to have a look at the status of your service. 



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Thanks for responding:


The affected device remains Wifi-connected and can be pinged.

Although there are 14-20 devices connected, rarely more than 5 are actively consuming internet at any rate. 


Band Steering is enabled.

This problem has been occurring for a very long time on an original and a replacement VX220-G2V. All that time a single SSID was in effect. Yesterday I tried turning band steering off and named the 5GHz service. I then turned Band Steering back on: the 5G service retained its specific name and is visible on the Network!


I will send the log next time we get a disconnect. Do you want the complete router config details?

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@FranktonJohn . I'd like to see band steering disabled, different ssid names.

Do you have devices like smart lights and switches, or air con, or solar inverters?

Or just computers, phones and tablets.

Lights and switches can go on 2.4GHz band because they have low data load.


If this problem occurs on Mac or PC, what do you see? 

Can't access websites?

Can you ping websites, eg. Google.com.au?

Try     telnet mail.tpg.com.au 25

What happens with the other devices?


Don't need router config just yet.


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I will turn Band Steering off and divide some devices as you suggest. There are some Amazon Echo devices which can go lowband.

When the disconnect occurs, Macbook shows the network symbol with an exclamation mark; Win10 says the SSID is "connected; no internet".  The clients are still local-network connected but no internet.


I'll reset the log after the Band Steering reset and do further tests next dropout.

Many thanks for your help so far


John Congerton



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@FranktonJohn . I know more about Windows than Mac IOS.

When PC is working, do   ipconfig /all

When PC loses internet, do the command again.

In the router config, do you accept the TPG DNS addresses, or do you specify other DNS?


When problem occurs on PC, can you do    tracert -h 3 tpg.com.au

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I'm also having similar issues with VX220. Band steering turned off and OFDMA turned off. Please reply with a solution when one is found. Thank you.

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DNS are defaulted.

So far only an Amazon Echo has offlined, 26 hours after router reboot. It can be pinged, but is disconnected from Internet. Rebooting the Echo did not gain a reconnect,

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@FranktonJohn . If the dns address in this Echo is the router, can you login to the Echo and change it to the TPG dns ip address.

If you made the change, is the Echo working?

Is there anything in the router System Log for the MAC address or ip address of this Echo? Log may have wrapped.

What is the firmware version of your router?

How many devices on each wifi band? Which one was this Echo on?

In the DHCP settings, what is the Lease time?