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WAN cable unplugged - Router issue?

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Hi. I recently moved address, from a house with FTTP to a unit, which I believe is FTTN. I was with TPG and have stayed with TPG.

While creating my new account, I was told I could reuse my router (Archer C1200), so I was put on a BYO plan. My router is showing me a WAN cable unplugged error, despite the opposite. Some frustrating research has led me to believe my router isn't what I need, but in fact a modem/router or similar? Can someone please advise.


Hi @mickmahony1


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The ARC1200 will not work with your NBN FTTN service as it is a router only device. You are correct that you need a VDSL modem/router.


Since you are under the BYO plan, you have the option to purchase a third party modem/router or purchase a new one with us.


Check these articles for some information:


High-Speed NBN BYO Modem Requirements

List of Non-TPG supplied Modem/Routers for use with TPG NBN BYO Data Only Plans