Where is my modem at

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 for past couple months internet cuts out pretty much every day without fail (your service is crap but i've known that for years) so i decided to finally switch to nbn but its been almost 3 full weeks and modem still hasn't arrived, this combined with many other various small annoyances really starting to tick me off. help me get nbn installed already theres no reason why it should be this hard.


also why do we need to register a new account for this, seems so unnecessary why can't we just use the same login we use to login to the 'my account' section that would make things so much easier especially since i keep seeing you guys ask for the details in all these other posts i read anyway, if we just used the same logins that would smooth things out so much...unless thats part of your terrible service to make things as inconvenient as possible and hoping customers just let it slide while continuing to pay for the worst service imaginable


tl;dr its been 3 weeks where the modem at


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We install thousands of NBN services successfully and we're sorry to know that this was not your experience. We know how frustrating this can be and we apologise for the inconvenience this delay is causing you. We value you as our customer and we would like to check what can be done to turn this experience around.

Based on NBN Co's database, they may have to do additional work on the infrastructure before they can complete the installation of your service. As you are aware, we rely on NBN Co to provide the service in your area therefore, we are subjected to their connection timeframe.


A 'network shortfall' in the network infrastructure is causing problems in completing orders in the area and this needs to get this fixed before we can proceed with an installation appointment. 


Your case manager was trying to call you before to discuss this further, however, you were unreachable.

They've sent an Email instead, which will help you understand the situation.


The modem/router for your NBN service was sent and is awaiting for collection in the CABRAMATTA POST SHOP. Please check the Email that we've sent last 2 September 2020 with your consignment number.


Our community is not just for TPG customers, which is why we provide the option to choose or create their own account. Also, we believe that it is much safer if our customers will not use their TPG account username as it will be displayed in a public thread that may be viewed or seen by other users. This may compromise our customers account security.


Stay safe.



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turns out the stupid 'mail to collect' card was placed in a neighbours mailbox by mistake (townhouse problems), they only returned home and found it yesterday and according to the tracking which i could only check now because the previous email was owned by my mother who no longer uses it,(order was made before contact email was updated) the modem has already been returned so if you could arrange for it to be resent that would be helpful, i'll pay for the $10 delivery or w/e again if thats necessary,thats annoying but fine


"Your case manager was trying to call you before to discuss this further, however, you were unreachable.

They've sent an Email instead, which will help you understand the situation." 

if you could possibly also resend this to the updated email address that would also be appreciated.


Thanks for letting us know, @BadService


I would appreciate if you can confirm the said information via private message for the security and privacy of the account. 


Based on the recent update, the assigned Case Manager has tried contacting the number on file but was unreachable. 


I'll wait for your private message.